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Hi I have two list<int> (StoreCb,StoreCr) in which i am storing Cb and Cr value of each pixel in an image. No i want to compute the covariance between them i dont have even have a clue how to go about it the best i can explain in terms of coding is that in Matlab perhaps i would have done it like this. Now obvioulse i have to use c# as mandatory.


Any helps is more than welcome

Thanks anyways
Updated 9-Jan-14 19:41pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Jan-14 2:02am    
The term "covariance" has several very different meanings. Could you indicate exactly which one do you mean? Is it about covariance in tensors? Something else? Any reference? Anyway, if you "don't even have a clue", it's not a good time to ask a question. First, read at least some introductory material on the relevant fields (of mathematics, computer science..., whatever applies), to make yourself at least minimally qualified to ask questions...
loraloper_22 10-Jan-14 2:15am    
Every body is minimally qualified to ask question.just don't bother commenting if you dont feel like.
Maxim Kartavenkov 10-Jan-14 4:44am
Isn't complexy of implementation in C#.
loraloper_22 10-Jan-14 7:08am    
Thanks a lot

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