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please clarify the difference b/w this two codes
function Person(gender) {
        this.gender = gender;
        alert('Person instantiated');

    Person.prototype.sayHello = function()
        alert ('hello');

    var person1 = new Person('Male');
    var person2 = new Person('Female');
 // call the Person sayHello method.

and the second one is below where function define inside funciton (without prototype property)
function Animal(gender) {
       this.gender = gender;
       alert('animal instantiated');
       this.sayToodle =  function()
           alert ('GOOOOOOO!!');

   var Animal1 = new Animal('Male');
   var Animal2 = new Animal('Female');


my more simple question are:

i: what is the difference?
ii: define method inside or out side of a function. what is the effect?
iii: if both same then which is the fine way to define this.
iv: and what does prototype do?
Can we not define method of a obj out side of its function(CLASS)???
Updated 13-Jan-14 2:02am

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