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I have to create auto text completion textbox in

I have tried this method that without using webservices

This is my method

public static string[] GetProductList(string prefixText, int count)
    // Get the Products From Data Source. Change this method to use Database
    List<string> empList = GetEmpNames();

    // Find All Matching Products
    var list = from p in empList
               where p.Contains(prefixText)
               select p;

    //Convert to Array as We need to return Array
    string[] prefixTextArray = list.ToArray<string>();

    //Return Selected Products
    return prefixTextArray;

private  List<string> GetEmpNames()

    Entities objEntity=new Entities();
    var empList = (from empDetails in objEntity.HCM_EMPLOYEE_DETAILS
                   select empDetails).ToList();
    return empList;


colud you please tell me how to return var data to list method my intention is below method i will call to above method.

so please help me..
DGKumar 15-Jan-14 1:53am
Hi i have changed the below method as static but the error will display as
"An object reference is required for non static method or property" at objEntity
var empList = (from empDetails in objEntity.HCM_EMPLOYEE_DETAILS
select empDetails).ToList();

make the method as static.
private static List<string> GetEmpNames()
When you do the Linq to Objects query, it will return you the type IEnumerable<Student>, you can use the ToList()[^] method to create a List<T> from an IEnumerable<T>:

var selected = from s in studentCollection
                           select s;

List<Student> selectedCollection = selected.ToList();

This may help.

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