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I want to create an application that need to get opened/runned automatically after every 5 mins..

Couple of ways can be using Windows Scheduler or Windows Service which can be scheduled to run every 5 mins.
Abhisar Garg 15-Jan-14 1:54am
Ya i know that but how to do that... I want the full application to get started as a new application...
JoCodes 15-Jan-14 1:58am
Yes , using Windows scheduler or Service it will Start/Invoke your application . Also , May be you can create a Console Applc which loads the windows app and add a scheduler to call exe of the console app.
Abhisar Garg 15-Jan-14 3:51am
any example plz
Abhisar Garg 15-Jan-14 1:55am
hey, I want the full application to get started as a new application... not the events in the appplication to run at regular interval...
Gitanjali Singh 15-Jan-14 2:01am
Abhisar Garg 15-Jan-14 2:05am
hmmm... let me check for it.. thanks...
Gitanjali Singh 15-Jan-14 2:13am
Yes, let me know if it works.
Abhisar Garg 15-Jan-14 4:26am
ya... windows service is working... and it creates a log of time at which the entry is been made... now as it is creating a log of everytime it is running... now i want some particular code thats need to be executed ( like some windows forms application or web application)... what should I change in it???
I tried a lot but I am not able to do so... please help me out...
Abhisar Garg 15-Jan-14 5:16am
hmmm... I am able to run a sql command to insert the value in database... (y)...

now how can i call a windows form exe from it. Its creating some problems of GUI and I am not able to rectify it...

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