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I am using a calendar and i m disabling the calendar by using js function and calling that from code behind .The control goes to code behind it executes the jquery line without any errors but calender is not disabling. The jquery line i have used is

$('.' + getcssname).datepicker('disable');

where getcssname is the classname of the corresponding textbox of the datepicker which i m passing from code behind. The same jquery line and js function is working fine in all other pages except 1 page.. I have no idea why same function same code which works in other pages is not working here. I am passing correct textboxid or classname but still its not working. I also tried other ways like:

$('.' + getcssname).datepicker('disable');
           $('.' + getcssname).datepicker('option', 'disabled', true);

All these ways also did not disable the calendar. I also checked for any Script errors and also the console in web developer tools there is nothing showing. Please Please can you help me in solving the problem and disbling calendar. Thanking You in advance.
navin ks 16-Jan-14 2:54am    
maybe you missed js file reference in that particular page.
Shruthi.BT 16-Jan-14 4:33am    
no that is there in master page and in all pages master page is called.
Do you see any errors in Developer Tool's console tab?
Shruthi.BT 16-Jan-14 4:51am    
no.. there are no errors..
Then set a debugger inside the code by writing "debugger;" and check if the values are correct.

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