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Please, before you downvote me, read this question.

Question is simple, I even found the pure microsoft answer here:

Insert the SQL Server installation media. From the root folder, double-click Setup.exe. To install from a network share, locate the root folder on the share, and then double-click Setup.exe.
Follow the wizard through to the Ready to Install page. The path to the configuration file is specified in the Ready to Install page in the configuration file path section. For more information about how to install SQL Server, see Install SQL Server 2012 from the Installation Wizard (Setup).
Cancel the setup without actually completing the installation, to generate the INI file

It doesn't help me at all.
I downloaded express version of SQL Server 2012, run setup.exe. Check every option and "follow the wizard through"... and: no Ready to Install page!

(link for image:[^])

I click next and boom... after that Install started. But, ok.. maybe after installation there will be somewhere config file named "ConfigurationFile.ini". So I've wait the whole process..
nothing. I've tried 3 times today, with full version, "smallest" version twice. There is not such a file on my desktop:/

My real (double)question is: What is goin' on?! and where EXACTLY can I find this secret "Ready to install" page or at least ConfigurationFile.ini?

And please don't answer "There must be somewhere" :/

PS. Sorry for the image size

PS2. After installation there is Summary file. I checked it and there is sth like this:

somewhere in the middle:

CLTSTARTUPTYPE:                0
CLTSVCACCOUNT:                 <empty>
CLTSVCPASSWORD:                <empty>
CLTWORKINGDIR:                 <empty>
COMMFABRICPORT:                0
CTLRSTARTUPTYPE:               0
CTLRSVCACCOUNT:                <empty>
CTLRSVCPASSWORD:               <empty>
CTLRUSERS:                     <empty>

and at the end:

Configuration file: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20140121_000805\ConfigurationFile.ini

BUT.. there is no ConfigurationFile.ini at this destination. There is dir, but no file inside:/
Updated 20-Jan-14 14:28pm
PIEBALDconsult 20-Jan-14 20:01pm    
Why? If this is for installation on system you control, it's OK, but you should not do this for software you distribute to others. Many other will already have an instance of SQL Server they want to use and you should allow them to do that. Or maybe someone won't install your software until the next version is out and they'll want that, or even an older version of SQL Server (for whatever reason). Basically, don't try to install third-party software for others; allow them to install it where and how they choose. In your documentation, simply state that the software requires a minimum of some version of the software. And be truthful; don't say it requires version y when version y works just as well.
Christian Graus 20-Jan-14 20:12pm    
It's entirely possible he's deploying to an internal network where he knows exactly how those machines are configured.

Interesting that CP blocks embedding images in your post.
mnd017 20-Jan-14 20:34pm    
@PIEBALDconsult Thx for your answer but it's not important 'why'. I asked more like 'how'. Like Christian wrote, I already know who, how, where, when etc.. will install this software. I also know that he doesn't want to install sqlserver by his own.
@Christian, I added link to image

Back to the topic.. is it really so difficult to create configuration file for install in 2012? 1 day before I was thinking is's 15min job, now I'm thinking - is it even possible to do?

1 solution

Here is the solution...

When you have SQL Server 2012 EXPRESS edition, and you want to get ConfigurationFile.ini from your installation process, you have to:

1) Run downloaded exe, which will unpack your setup.exe to C:/231231231231...sth

2) Cancel installation. Go to that dir via cmd.

3) In cmd run:
setup.exe /ACTION=INSTALL /UIMODE=Normal

Express edition is run in AutoAdvance which skips "Ready to install" and ConfigurationFile in general.. not sure why.
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