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Gridview paging is working in IE10, but not working in Firefox 26.0.

My aspx
<asp:GridView ID="gdAlert" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false" CellPadding="5" CssClass="gridview" PageSize="5" AllowPaging="true" GridLines="None" HorizontalAlign="Center" BorderWidth="1" AutoGenerateEditButton="false" Width="100%" OnPageIndexChanging="status">
        <SelectedRowStyle CssClass="gridview-selected-row" />
                    <HeaderStyle CssClass="gridview-header" Font-Bold="false" />
                    <AlternatingRowStyle CssClass="gridview-alternate-row" />
                    <RowStyle CssClass="gridview-row" HorizontalAlign="left" />
                    <PagerSettings Visible="true" />
            <PagerStyle CssClass="gridview-pagination" />
            No data to display
             <SelectedRowStyle CssClass="gridview-selected-row" />
                    <HeaderStyle CssClass="gridview-header" Font-Bold="false" />
                    <AlternatingRowStyle CssClass="gridview-alternate-row" />
                    <RowStyle CssClass="gridview-row" HorizontalAlign="Center" />
                <asp:BoundField DataField="sno" HeaderText="#" />
                <asp:BoundField DataField="ip" HeaderText="IP" />
                <asp:BoundField DataField="title" HeaderText="Title" />

My .cs file
protected void status(object sender, GridViewPageEventArgs e)
            GridView gd = (sender as GridView);
            gd.PageIndex = e.NewPageIndex;
            gd.DataSource = MyMethod(parameter);

Please help. Thanks in advance
JoCodes 21-Jan-14 0:00am    
Have you debugged it using mozilla? whats the behaviour when trying to paginate?
JoCodes 21-Jan-14 0:02am    
Is the OnPageIndexChanging event firing when debugging in mozilla? Also, give some information about whether you are placing gridview in update panel, using any validations etc.
srmohanr 21-Jan-14 1:03am    
Event is firing in IE, but not in Mozilla. And I didn't keep this gridview in update panel.

1 solution

i didn't found any error in your code.May be this problem occur from any other code so check properly..below code i used dataview which has datatable from session datatble and session datatble retrieve from database...

protected void status(object sender, GridViewPageEventArgs e)
        GridView gd = (sender as GridView);
        dv = new DataView();
        gd.PageIndex = e.NewPageIndex;
        DataTable dt_sd = new DataTable();
        dt_sd =(DataTable)Session["details"];
        dv = dt_sd.DefaultView;       
        gd.DataSource = dv.ToTable(); //MyMethod(parameter);
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srmohanr 21-Jan-14 1:01am    
As I said this code is working in IE.
Sumit_Pathak 21-Jan-14 1:37am    
yes its working in all browsers.i checked it in mozila 26.0 version and its work perfectly...
srmohanr 22-Jan-14 1:30am    
I kept the Gridview in onother page, and calling the page inside an IFrame.
So when I do paging, javascript:_doPostBack('GridView1','Page$2') is not working.
I have checked that JS is enabled in my browser. Please help
Sumit_Pathak 22-Jan-14 2:11am    
do you use update panel in your page..???
srmohanr 22-Jan-14 2:24am    
I will explain you fully.
I have a FusionChart in my aspx page, and I have added drill-down for that FusionChart.
On clicking on chart, I calling another Page which has GridView, and I am passing values using query string. I kept that fusionchart under an update panel.

I am calling Javascript from chart
set value='100' label = '100' link='JavaScript:MyMethod(%26quot; 100 %26quot;);'

Literal1.Text = FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionChart/Pei3D", "", chart, chartID, width, height, false, false, true);

Below is my JavaScript method (MyMethod)
<pre lang="Javascript">
function MyMethod(var1) {
var modal = $find("newtest");
$("#dialog").append("<iframe frameborder='0' sandbox='allow-top-navigation' target='_Parent' seamless='seamless' width='100%' height='100%' src='Default.aspx?status=" + var1 + "'></iframe>");;

Hope you understand this.

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