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this code is executing some some times not.... please help me

Here is my code....

private void searchAndParse(string searchStr)
Dictionary<string, string> queryPara;
Dictionary<string, string> headerDict;
string curGoogleSearchUrl;
string curSearchRespHtml;
string curReferer;

string googleUrl = "";
string tmpRespHtml = crifanLib.getUrlRespHtml(googleUrl);

string firstGoogleSearchUrl = "";
queryPara = new Dictionary<string, string>();
queryPara.Add("newwindow", "1");
queryPara.Add("safe", "strict");
queryPara.Add("source", "hp");
queryPara.Add("q", searchStr);
queryPara.Add("btnK", "Google Search");

queryPara.Add("site", "");
firstGoogleSearchUrl += crifanLib.quoteParas(queryPara, false);

curReferer = googleUrl;
curGoogleSearchUrl = firstGoogleSearchUrl;

headerDict = new Dictionary<string,string>();
headerDict.Add("referer", curReferer);
curSearchRespHtml = crifanLib.getUrlRespHtml(curGoogleSearchUrl, headerDict: headerDict);

if (!needContinueSearch)

HtmlAgilityPack.HtmlDocument htmlDoc = crifanLib.htmlToHtmlDoc(curSearchRespHtml);
HtmlNode rootHtmlNode = htmlDoc.DocumentNode;
HtmlNode nextHtmlNode = rootHtmlNode.SelectSingleNode("//a[@id='pnnext' and @class='pn']");
if(nextHtmlNode != null)
curReferer = curGoogleSearchUrl;

string hrefStr = nextHtmlNode.Attributes["href"].Value;
string encodedUrl = "" + hrefStr;

string htmlDecoded = HttpUtility.HtmlDecode(encodedUrl);

curGoogleSearchUrl = htmlDecoded;

needContinueSearch = true;
needContinueSearch = false;

Peter Leow 22-Jan-14 3:05am    
Not clear.
Tomas Takac 22-Jan-14 3:47am    
What part of the method is not executing? Did you debug it?
rameshk14 22-Jan-14 4:05am    
hi tomas takac

yes, i did some times its executing, but after some time (10 to 15 minutes)not working... and i am getting null value in nextHtmlNode
tgrt 22-Jan-14 16:50pm    
That doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem with your code. The variable nextHtmlNode is setup to be null if the node "//a[@id='pnnext' and @class='pn']" isn't found.
rameshk14 23-Jan-14 3:27am    
yes, your correct The variable nextHtmlNode is setup to be null if the node "//a[@id='pnnext' and @class='pn']" isn't found.


my work is getting the URLs from google search page... here i am getting google search response. some times not getting urls

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