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please let me know how make mvc with sql server.. i mean with out entity framework, and i am not supposed to use loacl database by importing database file. so i write connection string for sql server.. by this i want to do database opearations using DbContext..

here is my connection string

<add name="MyConnection" connectionstring="Data Source=v-rrd2005; User ID=sa;Password=pa55w0rd!;Initial Catalog=TrainingDB;Integrated Security=True" providername="System.Data.SqlClient">

but i am unable to connect sql server..

here is context.cs file

public partial class MyConnection : DbContext
       public MyConnection()
           : base("name=MyConnection")
        //   Database.SetInitializer<DbContext>(null);
       protected override void OnModelCreating(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder)
          // throw new UnintentionalCodeFirstException();
       public DbSet<EmployeeInfo> TrainingDB { get; set; }

here my EmployeeInfo is table name and TrainingDB is database name

my contorler page

public class GetEmpInfoController : ApiController
        private MyConnection db = new MyConnection();

        // GET api/EmployeeInfoAPI
        public IEnumerable<employeeinfo> GetEmployeeInfoes()
            return db.TrainingDB.AsEnumerable();

        // GET api/EmployeeInfoAPI/5
        public EmployeeInfo GetEmployeeInfo(int id)
            EmployeeInfo employeeinfo = db.TrainingDB.Find(id);
            if (employeeinfo == null)
                throw new HttpResponseException(Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.NotFound));

            return employeeinfo;


im unable to make connection to my sqlserver..
Updated 22-Jan-14 18:56pm

1 solution

To use Entity Framework, you add an edmx to your project, which builds the classes you use. It also inserts the connection string in to your web.config.
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Sanjeev Alamuri 23-Jan-14 1:23am    
My requirement is mvc with sqlserver.. not to use entity framework.
Christian Graus 23-Jan-14 1:30am    
"public partial class MyConnection : DbContext"

This is Entity Framework code. If you don't want to use EF, write a data layer by hand, that's your other option. Then you can put the connection string in your web.config, hard code it, put it where-ever you like.

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