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Already image path is being is stored in database... I want to retrieve it and want to display images in asp pages(IF I CLICK A HYPERLINK OR BUTTON IMAGE SHOULD BE DISPLAYED) ...

Plz help with sample code.


Use an Image control and set ImageUrl as the path retrieved from the database in the click event of button.

If you are looking for client side slideshow check this,

Slideshow using Asynchronous Javascipt and XML A.K.A Ajax[^]

Let us know if you get your solution.
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I am considering you are using ASP (as tagged). Do something like this:
<a href="UploadedFiles/<%=oRst.Fields("FileName").Value %>" ><%=oRst.Fields("FileName").Value %></a>

oRst is your Recordset object.
FileName is the Column name which stores file.
UploadedFiles is a folder in the same directory as your website, where the files are stored OR better use Server.MapPath() to map the specified relative or virtual path to the corresponding physical directory on the server.

I would suggest you to buy a book or read some samples on the net because it is a very basic question and you could have at least searched for it before asking.
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