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<updateapproval><request><requestid>54361stdid acw_id="134665156">O427970<role>XYZBC
I have a XML tag like this in one column. I want to capture acw_id="134665156" and store the value "134665156" into acw_id column.

Please help me how to modify the store procedure.

declare @T table
  Records xml
declare @c_xml_data varchar(1000)

set @c_xml_data = (select c_xml from bc_xml_errors where n_id=453048)

insert into @T values(@c_xml_data)
       V.X.value('@acw_id', 'nvarchar(10)') as c_acw_id
from @T as T
 cross apply T.Records.nodes('updateapproval/request/approver/stdid') as V(X)

where @c_xml is my dynamic xml based on the n_id. also we have to traverse till the desire node in T.Records.nodes

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