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I have attained one Interview in a well known Company.

Questions are :

1. Different layer in .Net Framework?
2. What is write table in SQL Server?

I have googled it but did not find any relevant answer.
Can anyone help me with this two answers.
Updated 24-Jan-14 19:31pm
Suvabrata Roy 25-Jan-14 0:03am    
Why its down voted
Mitchell J. 25-Jan-14 0:12am    
Probably because you haven't clearly stated what you're asking. You've only said that you have googled two things for an upcoming job interview. Did you want suggestions, links, advice, or encouragement? :-)
Suvabrata Roy 25-Jan-14 1:32am    
I am not bother about interview but I am am more interested to know those things or terminological.
If you know the answer please tell me because I want to know them...
Mitchell J. 25-Jan-14 2:06am    
I don't know myself, but I recommend that you post your two questions individually, with more detail, and less extraneous information - but don't simply "re-post" this question as it is.
Richard MacCutchan 25-Jan-14 4:32am    
Part of your problem is that neither question makes much sense. Item 1 is not even a question, so it is impossible to know what is being asked. Item 2 is marginally less obscure, but are you trying to find out how to write a table or how to write into a table?

Go through these

.Net Framework Layers [^]

Write or Right ? Confused.
AFAIK there is no Write Table in SQL , do u mean Read/Write as (Insert or Update /Select )

Right in the sense, It will be used In Table joins SQL Right Join[^]

Right is also used in String manipulations Right Function in SQL [^]
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Rahul VB 25-Jan-14 14:47pm    
Thanks Karthik. But what about Write table? did he mean a join? well how ever thanks for the article.
Karthik_Mahalingam 25-Jan-14 14:48pm    
even i waiting for some good answer from others to know what is Right Table :)
I guess , he misunderstood the question in the interview :)
Rahul VB 25-Jan-14 14:52pm    
I hope, i really hope that he misunderstood. Because then learning about something which is not present in a technology will be tough hahah :)
Karthik_Mahalingam 25-Jan-14 15:00pm    
yes :)
Suvabrata Roy 27-Jan-14 0:00am    
Thanks KARTHIK, your answer really help me for finding Layers in .Net.
But I did not miss understood the interviewer asked me "What is a Write Table?" as I was confused I ask him to repete the question and he said "What is a write Table?" and my answer was "I dont know"[^]

check this link. hope u can find some answers.
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Suvabrata Roy 27-Jan-14 0:09am    
Thanks for sharing this but its not exactly what I am searching for.
1. If you consider 3 Layers, then they are as follows.
  • Database Access Layer
  • Business Logic Layer
  • Presentation Layer

Reference - Three Layer Architecture in C# .NET[^]
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Rahul VB 25-Jan-14 14:28pm    
Thanks Dash :)
Welcome. :)
Suvabrata Roy 27-Jan-14 0:06am    
I am not asking about 3 tire architecture I am asking about diffrent layers in .Net Framework.
and I found it with help of KARTHIK.
Tier is different from Layers. I have given the article link which explains that. It is "Three Layer Architecture".

From your question "1. Different layer in .Net Framework?", one can answer anything.
Karthik has given a good answer which explains ".NET Micro Framework Architecture".

Anyway, you got what you needed. While interviewer asks a question, please clarify what he exactly means by Layers in .NET, then try to answer.

Suvabrata Roy 27-Jan-14 0:22am    
That was the question "what are the different layers in .Net Framework?".
Karthik post is on Micro architecture but its showing the layers in .Net Framework rest i will find using goolge.
Hi All,

Please go through it[^]

Its exactly what I was searching for..

but still I am unable to find write table :( :(
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