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Hello all,

We have a small application written in VB6 that simply reads a web page and displays some data from it in a grid. Until recently everything just worked fine but suddenly some - not all! - of our clients got this error - "run time error 438 object doesn't support this property or method".

As it is quite a large number of people it doesn't seem that they all changed something in their environment (and also because my boss is one of them and he says there was neither change nor update in his computer...) so maybe there was some change in the site? (this is the URL - "").

Now, I didn't write this application but I have to fix it. Alas, it works on 2 computers of mine (32 and 64 bit) so I can't even debug it.... I just saw it uses a WebBrowser control which and an HtmlDocument object.

sorry for the length, I am just trying to give all the details. I will be most grateful for any help on this mysterious , for me at least, issue.

many ,many thanks
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 27-Jan-14 13:35pm
"The WebBrowser control is a managed wrapper for the ActiveX WebBrowser control, and uses whichever version of the control is installed on the user's computer."
Check the IE version on the different computers - there may be you solution...
g77777 27-Jan-14 14:18pm
Thanks a lot but I am not sure I follow you - sorry, the web is not my field - I have Internet Explorer 8, I doubt if my boss has an older version...or maybe I misunderstood?
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 27-Jan-14 14:21pm
You understood just right - I believe that your boss has a different IE - newer IMHO, and that change broke the VB...
g77777 27-Jan-14 14:27pm
thanks again, I will check although in that case the problem was supposed to be found in different times in correlation with IE9 installation, wasn't it?
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 27-Jan-14 14:28pm
It's maybe later IE10-11 or some minor update. However I think it worth to check...
CHill60 25-Feb-14 13:55pm
Did you ever get this sorted out?

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