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I currently have two text files which come from two different systems but they have a common itemcode.

I would like to know how could i read the two text files and match the codes to write data from the two files to another text file that gets sent to a third party system?

For example file 1 contains the price(500) of item code 001 while file 2 contains the description(Screen) of itemcode 001

the file3(which is the file i need to create) will have the following in it

1 solution

There are a huge number of ways to do this: but assuming that the two files are not necessarily in the same order, I would create a class which contained the Price and Description (call it "Item" maybe) then create a Dictionary of Items:
private Dictionary<int, Item> items = new Dictionary<int, Item>();

I would then read each file in turn, breaking it into itemcode and either Price or Description and do this with each row:
if (!items.ContainsKey(itemcode))
   items.Add(itemcode, new Item());
//items[itemCode].Price = price;
//items[itemCode].Description = description;
uncommenting the appropriate line.
At the end, you have a Dictionary which contains each Item, hopefully complete with each Price and Description.

It's a poor way to store your data though!

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