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I need a simple snake game with code using perl. Please help !!


# ABSTRACT: Play the game

use strict;
 se warnings;

    if ( $^O eq 'darwin' && $^X !~ /SDLPerl$/ ) {
        exec 'SDLPerl', $0, @ARGV or die "Failed to exec SDLPerl: $!";

use Games::Snake;





Start the game from the command line:


This script starts the game. It will open a 800x600 window (plus the
size of the window frame). Use the arrow keys to control the snake.
Close the window to end the game.

=head1 SEE ALSO

=over 4

=item * L<Games::Snake>


Updated 30-Jan-14 1:07am
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 30-Jan-14 4:52am
Have you done anything so far? Show some effort (coding? searching?)! As is it ain't a question...
Jayc22 30-Jan-14 6:04am
I have started a bit it, but it doesn't work. I will improve my question with some of the code

1 solution

We do not do your homework: it is set for a reason. It is there so that you think about what you have been told, and try to understand it. It is also there so that your tutor can identify areas where you are weak, and focus more attention on remedial action.

Try it yourself, you may find it is not as difficult as you think!
Jayc22 30-Jan-14 5:29am
Its not for any school. Its for myself!
OriginalGriff 30-Jan-14 5:35am
All the more reason to do it yourself!
Cheating on your homework is poor ethics, but cheating yourself is a whole new league...
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 30-Jan-14 6:10am
It may lead to schizophrenia, when he and himself try to decide who won...

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