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Hi Guys,

Can any of you tell me how to get the Nth highest salary using recursive CTE?

Updated 4-Jan-22 18:51pm
King Fisher 31-Jan-14 1:19am
hi ,its not clear,can you explain it
srikanthakasapu 31-Jan-14 7:22am

Its simple, i have a table like this

ABC 12200
BBB 25463
CCV 5555
EEE 8568
JJK 42668
LLL 6599
MKK 56985
QWE 25698
RRR 5445
RTR 12586
RTY 16565
SSS 96887
YUY 545

Now, i need to find for example 5th highest salary or 6th highest salary or 3rd what ever it is from the table.

This, i have to do in a recursive CTE.

Please do reply if it is still not clear.


1 solution

You don't need recursive CTE for that:

with ordered_salary as
SELECT name, salary, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(ORDER BY salary DESC) rn
FROM salary_table
select name, salary
from ordered_salary
where rn = 5
srikanthakasapu 3-Feb-14 4:23am
Hi Tomas,

Thanks for the reply. I apologize that i have told some of the iffs and buts...

I dont not want to use any of the rank functions or the top operators and all. I just only recursive CTE.

There might be multiple ways to write the query but i need only recursive CTE.

Srikanth A.

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