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I've tried to declare a critical section in ASM but have some problems. Below is my code:
.Model flat, StdCall
Option CaseMap:none

	Include	\masm32\include\
	Include	\masm32\include\
	Include	\masm32\include\
	Include \masm32\include\
	IncludeLib \masm32\lib\kernel32.lib
	IncludeLib \masm32\lib\user32.lib
	IncludeLib \masm32\lib\gdi32.lib

	WinMain Proto :DWord, :DWord, :DWord, :DWord


	hInstance HINSTANCE ?
	CommandLine LPSTR ? 

	WndCritical CRITICAL_SECTION dup(0)
	AppTitle DB "[VeMU]ConnectServer", 0
	ClassName DB "ClassName", 0

And here are the errors:
(27)error A2179: structure improperly initialized
(27)error A2008: syntax error: dup
The line 27 is: WndCritical CRITICAL_SECTION dup(0)

How to make it properly? Thanks in advance!!!
Updated 8-May-10 6:54am

1 solution

It's a while since I did this but surely DUP is used to declare arrays. It's angle brackets for structure initialisation.

          DebugInfo      DWORD ? 
          LockCount      LONG ? 
          RecursionCount LONG ? 
          OwningThread   HANDLE ? 
          LockSemaphore  HANDLE ? 
          SpinCount      DWORD ? 

; explicit initialisation of all fields
WndCritical1 CRITICAL_SECTION <0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0>
; use default values
WndCritical2 CRITICAL_SECTION < ? >
; array of 8 critical sections
WndCriticalArray CRITICAL_SECTION 8 DUP (< ? >)

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