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Hello all, I'm a Novice/Beginner at coding...mostly experience in VB. I've created a Windows form that is part of an application that runs on a PC displaying realtime data on a large LCD TV. I would like to be able to open a webbrowser on any pc, on the same network, and see the same realtime data. I have a --WebRequest.Create("http://localhost:49827/whatever.aspx?" & miscData & "")-- code activated by a textchanged event on my windows form. I'm capturing the sent data in the webpage code using the Request.QueryString code, but I don't know how to display this on a page and keep it "alive". Any help will be greatly appreciated.
JoCodes 3-Feb-14 12:09pm    
Can tell whats there in WebPage now? From your question , the Query String has been successfully accessed and you need to only display it, right? May be one more thing what really meant by Keep it alive?
Keet333 3-Feb-14 13:07pm    
I would like to just use labels as a way to display the data. As for the "keep alive", I need the labels upadating upon the textchange event on the windows form. I'm not sure if this would mean a page refresh or other way.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 3-Feb-14 15:12pm    
"Realtime data"?.. are you sure you understand what you are talking about?.. :-)
Keet333 3-Feb-14 15:24pm    
Yes, as close to realtime as possible. I have developed a program that monitors machinery. I would like to be able to open a webpage(that the monitoring program is feeding through WebRequest possibly) and see the status of the machinery. The program already does this through windows forms, I just need the status broadcast and intercepted through a webbrowser for anyone to have access at their own pc.
Keet333 4-Feb-14 9:57am    
Still looking for help with this....any takers?

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