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I have asmx based web service using 2.0 framework.
The web service can be consumed by the web client by creating the reference to web service.This is using HTPP post protocol.

However , i would like to know how do I use HTTP soap protocol which is required when i have to send objects to the web server.

Also when to we use the wsdl utility to generated the proxy class at the client end.
Updated 5-Feb-14 4:16am

Hi, may I suggest you pick up a short and quick tutorial on the basics of how to consume a web service? This CP article[^] should help too.

However, to answer your questions, when you add web reference to your project it already creates proxy classed and it uses the WSDL. As a consumer of the service all you need to care about is invoke the service and provide proper parameters as per the contracts and fetch response.

I hope it helps.

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chait301 5-Feb-14 9:58am    
The article below confuses me which says create proxy classes for using SOAP protocol.
CoderPanda 5-Feb-14 10:05am    
It's okay. Don't worry about it, just try to follow the links given and try to get a response back. You will notice that all the things relate to proxy class, using WSDL and SOAP handling is being taken care of internally.

But once you are successful I would recommend you actually study and understand what is happening under the hood :)
Good luck.
chait301 5-Feb-14 17:53pm    
Thanks I got that now.
The confusion was due to .net framework version using in the client.
Framework 4.0 provides the soap class object which can be used but that object is not available when the framework used is 2.0. These must be another way to create that in 2.0 but I am clear with the concept now.

Thanks again.
A .net webservice in 2.0 already uses SOAP for communication. You do not need to change something when using it.
Sending objects to the server should also be possible without any special requirements. If you add a reference to the webservice in Visual Studio it will create the WebService Client wrapper and should also create the needed classes for the objects the service is accepting.
Nevertheless you have to take care when sending objects, that they have to be XML serializable.
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