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tell me the ways to Implementing a 30-day trial period in a application.
Updated 4-Aug-16 3:54am
dimpledevani 6-Feb-14 1:45am    
You can store the install date somewhere in your application's registry or in database and then compare that date every time you lunch your application.If it crosses more than 30 days, then you can get your requirement done.
opuspriyanka 6-Feb-14 5:46am    
Please provide the code for same in c#

You must obfuscate your C# Application to make it hard to crack.
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I think this is a good question to start with.

Here is an excellent article[^] if you want to learn regarding building trial versions of software. It covers:
Where to Store the Expiration Data
How to detect system clock manipulation

You may also want to read another piece[^] from the same author to broaden your knowledge.

Finally, some SO discussions such as this[^] may also help.

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private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

          if(DateTime.Now.ToString("dd")=="04" && DateTime.Now.ToString("MM")=="08" && DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy")==("2016"))


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Dave Kreskowiak 4-Aug-16 10:25am    
This question is TWO YEARS old and your solution isn't applicable to the problem and is very easily worked around.

Don't post answers to questions this old.

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