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hi guys,

I am learning mvc, I created mvcdemo application and created employee controller,model as well view. I am got employee details from sql server also.

here when I go to .cshtml file I opened VS Toolbox there is no server controls are visible, only html controls are there.

why server controls are not visible? Is there any rules or manually add or etc?


1 solution

MVC is stateless so it not having any Server controls other than HTML controls.
you can find brief information about it here[^]
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U@007 6-Feb-14 4:29am    
hi sp, ok I agree with your answer if I want call server controls like chart etc. how can I do?
SP HINGU 6-Feb-14 5:14am    
you can use HTML Helper Class for that
Unlike Web Form controls, an HTML helper does not have an event model and a view state.Means just a method that returns a string.
SP HINGU 6-Feb-14 5:21am    
as per my under standing Server control means its properties, methods and events can be accessed from server-side code. but it can't posibble in MVC because it is Stateless.
U@007 6-Feb-14 5:34am    
k thank you :)

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