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I am a beginner want to do a GUI based server client TCP based programming in visual studio. cannot find it on net. please give me any completed programs or sources from where I can perfectly learn.
Updated 17-Mar-21 23:15pm

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GUI and sockets have nothing to do with each other. Find a GUI example, find a socket example, implement both, and you have a program with both a GUI and sockets.
Jeevan83 6-Feb-14 13:15pm
No by using winsock we have functions like AxWinsock.Bind(). But when I normally code for my FPGA or PC, i will be having like bind(). I know the functions for FPGA and PC, but dont know for winsock used in GUI. help me with that please.
Perhaps you need to read the answer again. Sockets and GUI are unrelated. If you don't understand the absurdity of the expression "winsock used in GUI", maybe you are not yet ready for GUI development.
Jeevan83 6-Feb-14 13:25pm
Of course you are so right. I am a fresher but my boss gave me this project. So confused please guide me i have to develop a GUI in visual studio like server when I say connect it should accept the client and when I say send it should send data to client. My client is FPGA for which I already did the coding.
Albert Holguin 6-Feb-14 13:57pm
Normal code for FPGA or PC? ...not even sure what that means... You just have to implement both independent of one another, there's no real link between them.
"FPGA" are such field-programmable chips. Saying "code for FPGA or PC" sounds so ridiculous... :-)
Right idea, a 5.
Albert Holguin 6-Feb-14 13:57pm
Thanks SA... sometimes you have to state the obvious.
Jeevan83 6-Feb-14 22:17pm
guys do not mock at me please I do not know how to program in PC. I know FPGA and I did that part. When I was searching net once I came through a function axWinsock.bind(), similar to my bind() in FPGA programming. Can you tell me where I can get the API for AxWinsock functions ?
Albert Holguin 7-Feb-14 10:40am
What OS? ...if Windows, then you just have to do a google search for "windows sockets", the library is called winsock. If Linux, then you have to use their sockets library. If you want it for both, then you can use a third party library that'll do cross compilation or alternatively, use a framework that has multi-platform support.
Jeevan83 7-Feb-14 10:52am
thank you!
Albert Holguin 7-Feb-14 12:54pm
Sure, just keep in mind that the GUI has nothing to do with the sockets. So you can actually build a winsock based command-line application or a fancy GUI and still use the same winsock based sockets. Same thing on the Linux side, their implementations are only slightly different, but the calls are pretty similar.

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