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How to get "class" attribute of an HTML element.
For example, for this HTML code, this C# code does well:
hElement.GetAttribute("id")  // Results "target_validate"

But it does not work for "class" attribute:
hElement.GetAttribute("class")  // Results ""

I use C# WebBrowser control.

<table id="target_validate" class="res_target" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1">
		<td class="vil" colspan="2">AVATAR (18|60)</td>
		<td><a href="spieler.php?uid=4018">Iman</a></td>
Updated 2-Aug-18 22:24pm

user "className' instead of "class"

like GetAttribute("className")
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Prathyangira's Karthikeyan 3-Sep-15 1:27am    
wow best answer i like that thankyou from Prathyangira`s Karthikeyan (WEb Desinger) india

I have no idea why, and doesnt make sense with what is actually in the html, but instead of htmlelement.GetAttribute("class"), use htmlelement.GetAttribute("classname"). I have it implemented as such in my app and works perfect.
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the following code will return "res_target"

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Guess you are using some C# methods to access the HTML DOM. Would be useful to know which library you are using (is that built into .Net?). Anyway, I imagine this explains why it isn't working:

Basically, you should use "obj.className" rather than "obj.getattribute('className')". Not sure if there is a corresponding function on whatever class "hElement" is. If not, then perhaps you can call a JavaScript function that just returns the result of "obj.className". You'd embed that JavaScript function in the HTML page you are calling, then call that JavaScript function from C# (again, I'd have to know what library you are using).
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how to access to "display" style type (hide, block, ...) in webbrowser?
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