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I am building an mobile application using

Intend to create a functionality where users can respond (+ or -) to others profile which is briefly viewed. A user should only be able to respond Once. Hence it is unnecessary to show that profile again when the user visit Profiles Page

--- <b>PAGES </b>--- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Reponses Page - List all reponses the Loggedin User has RESPONDED

Profiles Page - Views profiles Loggedin User has NOT RESPONDED [One Profile at a time] & Ability to respond (+ or -)

--- <b>DATABASE </b>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

User Information are stored in users[_id, username, password, mobile_number]
All responses are stored in a collection responses[_id, user_id, recipient_id, state]

PROBLEM -----------

Trying to skip the profiles that the Loggedin User has already reponded to in Responses Page

In it is required to use SERVER CODE to do this. I am getting a few errors, my server code is as follows:

var DB_id = request.get("DB_id"); //Get the "DB_id" parameter from the request and store it 
var userName = request.get("userName"); //Store the user name
var token = request.get("token"); // Get token from localstorage varbiable UserSessiontoken
var usercollection = "Users";
var Reponsescollection = "Responses";
try {
  profiles = {};

 //gets a collection list and save it to the response
 //var profiles = Profile.getCollectionList("SELECT * FROM 'users' NOT IN (SELECT `user_id` FROM Responses WHERE `user_id`=  + 'userId' +)");

 //Make the query and save it to the profiles object
 profiles.query = profile.query(DB_id, usercollection, "parameters": {"where": {"user_id": {"$userId" : {"$nin": {"Reponsescollection"}}}}, token);

 profiles.profilesList = Profile.getCollectionList(profiles); //Call the getCollectionList and save its response to the profiles

  response.success(profiles); //Pass the result object to the response.
  response.success("This actually Works!!!");
} catch (e) {
  response.success("message: " + e.message + " ncode: " + e.code); //If something goes wrong error message will appear

//ON TEST TAB -----
Error code SCSE014: Script execution failed

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