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cte3_persenta (per) as
(select ((cte1.totalcount/cte2.TotaCount)* 100 )
where cte1.emp=cte2.emp
from cte1,cte2)

i am creating one new cte table shown above
from that value '2'coming from cte1.totalcount and
value '500' coming from cte2.TotaCount
i want percentage of those value it should be in 0.00% format

i want ans of per from cte3 table is =0.40%

please help some one
Updated 14-Feb-14 19:59pm
santhu888 13-Feb-14 2:11am
Is there any relation between those two tables?
Member 10562086 13-Feb-14 4:39am
those two table means Cte1_TotalCount And cte2_totalCount sir?
yes Those two value having Emp_status as common

Please do this..

select cte1totalcount,cte2totalcount,(cte1totalcount/cte2totalcount)*100 as cet3  from emp_status 
select cte1.totalcount,cte2.totalcount ,(cte1.totalcount/cte2.totalcount)*100 as cte3_persent from cte1 join inner cte2 on cte1.emp=cte2.emp 

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