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i am using MVC 3 and Razor, how to validate these drop down boxes ? on client side. Like if no value is selected that pass error to user that please select value.
I have added linq to sql classes which automatically generate things


@using (Html.BeginForm("Generated_PaySlip", "Home", FormMethod.Get))


             @Html.DropDownList("Month", "Select Date")
            Employee Name

             @Html.DropDownList("EmplID", "Select Name")
             <input type="submit" value="Submit" />




public ActionResult InfoFor_PaySlip() 
            var dates = (from ps in DataContext.MonthlyRecords select new {ps.Month }).Distinct();
            ViewData["Month"] = new SelectList(dates, "Month", "Month");

            var names = (from n in DataContext.HrEmployees select new { n.EmplID, n.EmplName }).Distinct();
            ViewData["EmplID"] = new SelectList(names, "EmplID", "EmplName");
            return View();
SP HINGU 13-Feb-14 7:40am
do you want to validate through model or custom client side javascript code?
for client side javascript validation you can simply check like this
Hunain Hafeez 13-Feb-14 7:51am
sir, client-side, a good and beatiful

You created dropdown you can use DropdownListFor And you can write ValidationMessagefor properties of MVC

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