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My Table Cell messagebody contains

"<p>FAISAL MAJEED , Tomorrow will be a holiday due to STRIKE.</p>"

"i want to remove <p> and </p> tags"

select REPLACE(messagebody,'<p>','') from message

this query is removing only <p> tag but not </p> tag, please help to remove one more tag </p>
Updated 13-Feb-14 21:40pm
CoderPanda 14-Feb-14 3:01am
Sorry, question isn't clear.
[no name] 14-Feb-14 3:25am
i want to remove HTML tags in SELECT statement and display it

1 solution

This is a very poor way to do it...SQL is really not good at this. But...
SELECT REPLACE (REPLACE(messagebody,'<p>',''), '</p>', '') FROM message
will do it.
See what I mean?
High level language filtering (or even regex) is a better idea.

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