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"System.OutOfMemoryException: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown"

i getting this Exception when i look for the Data.

obj.advisor_name = adv_id23.ToString();
 obj.type = 7;
 Repeater23.DataSource = obj.Bind();
Updated 17-Feb-14 2:31am
CHill60 17-Feb-14 8:25am    
And we have no idea how you caused this exception. We cannot see your screen or your hard-drive. Post the code that threw the exception
Vedat Ozan Oner 17-Feb-14 8:29am    
King Fisher 17-Feb-14 23:10pm    
King Fisher 17-Feb-14 23:25pm    
it consist Join Query of Four tables ,I have 25 Repeaters on this Page ,Each repeater have the Same join issue while binding upto 22 Grids,after that ,i am getting this, I hope its Clear.
JoCodes 17-Feb-14 9:13am    
Whats the properties obj consist of? and approx how many rows your query consists?

1 solution

You did not provide enough information to pinpoint excessive memory use. So, either avoid memory leaks (usually they are the result of bad general design of the code), make sure you process massive data memory in smaller chunks or install more physical memory, determine the minimum of memory your users must have.

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