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Hello Freinds,

We have (3.5) application hosted in server 2008 R2 which has configuration of (4gb). and client machines are having very minimum ram (300 mb few r having 1gb n 2gb also).

But the problem is Application working fine for some time and hanging every time we need to restart IIS to run application. We tried n reviewed many websites vt similar kind of probs but still no use.

Can you please elaborate wat is role of IIS , Application pool and worker process?
and wat r the values by default we have to set so that application can faster?

do u think 4 gb ram is sufficient for server to run web based application?

Please its very immediate i need you all attention


EDIT (Moved from Answer)

Here I want to elaborate about the problem.

We have web application developed in hosted in server 2008 r2 which has 4gb ram. now in our client place there are systems which has different configurations like few are having 300 mb, few are 1gb and few are 2b.

when users entering data from systems which are having 300 mb server hanging on, and for everytim we need to restart IIS.

so we thought of less ram and old configuration application getting struck so we removed those systems from the LAN.

after that we found lot of change n we could able to lessen hanging of server bt still 2 to 3 tims application getting struck.

Now please tell me what could be the problem.. because of RAM, or networking or code.

Please help me out
Updated 18-Feb-14 3:04am
thatraja 18-Feb-14 9:05am    
Hereafter update your question by clicking 'Improve question' widget instead of posting as answer. I have updated your question for you. And wait for answers.
AnvilRanger 18-Feb-14 10:49am    
To answer your question yes it could be any of those 3 items or even one of countless others. We do not know your environment or your application code. How do you expect an answer about your systems when the people on the board know nothing about them.

Like I said in the solution you need to do some diagnostic work. Look at your applications error logging, look at the event log on the server, have your network administrator run performance monitors on the server while people are using the app. These are just a small sample of things you need to do to determine the problem.

1 solution

You need to update you question with more information. We do not know anything about you application, your server environment, etc.

First thing is you need to determine the case of the problem. If you application has logging that is the first place to check and then if you have access to the server itself check the event logs.
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