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I wanted to create a web aplication where i want to click all links in a webpage automatically. Like in a page assume 25 links exists. So need to open all 25 links.

As I am unable to click all the links in a single shot!! kindly share your idea and views on processing.

Any help will be appriciated..
Nisarg Desai 22-Feb-14 0:24am
What Does You Exactly want to perform .if You Want To Open more Window or Tab Then You Can Use Javascript function and Specify"url","_blank") and open multiple window on one single click on link but as far there is only one mouse pointer on screen i don`t think you can click on 25 links on web page
Mannava Siva Aditya 23-Feb-14 4:02am
Nisarg - I want to auto click on all the links in a page and opening those links in new tab. Assume in a page we have 25 ahref or hyperlink link's when page loads at in a single shot in that particular page all links need to auto clicked instead of clicking each link manually.

Well In That Case Try This JavScript Code In Some Case In Which You Have Fired Event With inside Transaction We Have To Bind
function allLinks()
  var anchors=document.getElementsByTagName("a");
  for(var i =0;i<anchors.length;i++)>

Well I did`t Try It Its First Time For Me To Facing Problem Like This But I think It Should Work, Here anchors is array of all hyperlinks on Page and window .open() function is used for open a window. and you can call this function At the end of your web page inside the

If you don`t know about javascript then i suggest you to learn It

Good luck
Here is a web application that clicks all links in a web page automatically:

I hope this helps.

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