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Hello friends
My name is Sarfaraz. I am learning ASP.Net and i have an article table with fields ArticleID, Title, Keywords, Image and Contents.
I wanted to design a search page where by typing keywords and click search button it should display all the articles having that keyword with only 2 or 3 lines of contents with a read more link and when clicking that read more it should display the whole text of that article just like we search in a blog.

Also, i wanted to know any video series of ASP.Net which teaches how to create a dummy website from start to finish with Master pages.

Please help me
Thanking you.
Updated 26-Nov-20 6:57am
[no name] 28-Jan-20 2:24am
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Are your keywords are stored in a database>>>? or you want to store it in database?
sarfarazbhat 23-Feb-14 8:31am
Keywords are stored in Article table with ArticleID, Title, Keywords, Image and Contents as columns. And I want to show title, image and contents to be displayed but after clicking the read more link.
CHill60 23-Feb-14 14:32pm
Please use the "Have a Question or Comment?" link next to a post if you want to ask the OP anything. Posting a comment as a solution removes the question from the Unanswered Questions list
you can display on grid view....with visible propery as false....and after clicking on read more link make the visible property of grid view to true...:)
sarfarazbhat 23-Feb-14 10:49am
Thank you sir for your help. One last thing about this tutorial is that when i search any keyword it displays thw whole content how to restrict to display only first 2 lines and then after clicking the title it should display the whole content(full text) on our show.aspx page .
Thank you
JoCodes 23-Feb-14 10:58am
Refer this , you can use css for this
[no name] 28-Jan-20 2:24am
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