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Hai friends,

Actually my problem is that,i have to subtract two different time which stored in database as nvarchar using query string. main problem is that cast convertion is error. how to subtract two different NVARCHAR values of time using query string?
Anybody please help me.... if you are having any doubts regarding question please ask me..
Updated 26-Feb-14 19:18pm
[no name] 27-Feb-14 1:21am    
Can you enter the sample data that you wants to use for substraction
Helen Paulose 27-Feb-14 2:15am    
i have to subtract 01:00:00 and 02:00:00 which is stored in the database as nvarchar
[no name] 27-Feb-14 2:52am    
DECLARE @TOTIME VARCHAR(50)='01:00:00:00'


Solved your problem

No details, no direct help/answer.

Please, use SearchBox[^] on the right-top corner of this site. There are tons of examples.
Please be more specific and provide more details next time. It should be: 1) sample data and 2) expected output, at least.
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Its always advised to keep Date datatype instead of NVarchar when handling dates.

Anyways you can try DATEDIFF method with a Convert to accomplish it.

Something like

Select DATEDIFF (MINUTE,DateColumn1,DateColumn2) from TableName;//without using Convert or Cast 
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