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I am writing a C++ application to display two jpg images side by side and allow the user to "mark-up" the image by drawing a circle,rectangle, or line. I am using a wrapper class called CPicture by Paul DiLascia which encapsulates IPicture. I use the load functions to load the image from a file, and the render function to put the image in a rectangle on the face of a dialog to let the user do the drawing.

Problem 1: I use BitBlt to copy the image to a printer dc but it comes out about the size of a postage stamp ( does anyone remember how small a postage stamp is?)How can I change the scale of the printed image? When I tried StretchBlt I got a blue screen of death...

Problem 2: I need to retrieve the image from that rectangle to save the jpg back to the disk but I can't figure out how to effectively reverse the render function. I can copy the new image into a memory dc but how do I get it back into the CPicture object?

As always, thanks in advance for your help!
Ron H.
KarstenK 1-Mar-14 4:21am
1: check all parameters are the valid in range and access, StechBlt works, so it should

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