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Is there any way to do this. I know you can add comments to your xml. But this is a little different. Its more like putting after a specified line. Is there any way to do this in c#.

Just to clarify my last question, I actually do not mean how to comment lines out in a .cs file. I meant if there is any way to automate comment or uncomment parts of an xml document using c#. Sorry about the ambiguous question earlier .
Updated 17-Apr-10 5:00am

C# files are not similar to XML in the way exe/code works. Though Reflection is used to get/modify few things at runtime.

If you try to comment(which can be done using // or /* */) a part of code you are using then it would need a re-compile of the project/dlls in order to work.
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I'm not clear if you want to do this to XML or C#. For XML, yes you can insert a comment into an XML file. For C#, no, it is not possible, runtime code has already been compiled.
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At the most very basic, it's called "programming". You put a bunch of code into if/then blocks (or whatever control mechanism might be appropriate) and then, under the appropriate conditions, that code will be or won't be executed.

I don't see what's so hard about that concept.
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