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hi to all.,

my application is developed in MVC3, am using same view in 2 ways...i.e contactUS, enquireNow...
contactUs in menu bar..if we click will ask user name, E-mail id, Phone no, should fill all information except comment if user is already logged-in..validation are happening.. when we click on submit button...mail will send and it will display.."Mail has been successfully sent"...
next the second..enquireNow using enquire now button as pop up is doing every thing like ContactUs ..but am not getting message "Mail has been successfully sent"...but mail is going in internally to contact person..i want to display message "mail has been successfully sent" in same Pop up window...
Pls any one help me...if you want i will share my code with you..
David_Wimbley 4-Mar-14 11:40am    
Where is your code sample of the issue you are having? How are we suppose to take a look and recommend a solution if we can't even see your code to do so? Remember, we can't see into your hard drive and our crystal balls don't work that well.

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