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Data base :sql server 2008

Step 1:I have a table called "excel" in sql database having columns like cname,firstname,Lastname,etc. I need to fetch all the data from "excel" table using fetch cursor.

Step 2: Once i fetch the data then i need to compare cname with comp_name column with Company table.
if company_name Exist fetch the id for that company else insert the company name as new data

Step 3:once company name exist ,once i fetched the id then with that id i have to compare firstname in person table. if person exists get the id else insert firstname in to person table as new data.

Step 4:if company name exists ,firstname exists get the id and check if lastname exists or not
if exists get id else insert lastname.

Objective is to write stored procedure ,Firstly i have to check the comp_name if exists get id ,with that id i have to check the firstname in person table if exists again get id and check for lname.

Updated 5-Mar-14 18:23pm
dan!sh 5-Mar-14 0:03am    
Can you please update your question to include details about "if exists check for next column else insert values for column" statement?
Member 10017719 5-Mar-14 0:04am    
U can use While loop in sql server
King Fisher 5-Mar-14 8:09am    
its not clear man.Do you want to check wheather the id exists or Not?
Thomas Nielsen - getCore 5-Mar-14 13:12pm    
should your procedure do an insert and in case it exists, update intead?
Maciej Los 30-Mar-14 14:46pm    
What have you done till now? Where are you stuck?
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