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**These are the codes of enrolling fingerprint. but I want it to save directly in MySQL database.

' NOTE: This form is inherited from the CaptureForm,
' so the VisualStudio Form Designer may not load this properly
' (at least until you build the project).
' If you want to make changes in the form layout - do it in the base CaptureForm.
' All changes in the CaptureForm will be reflected in all derived forms 
' (i.e. in the EnrollmentForm and in the VerificationForm)

Public Class EnrollmentForm
  Inherits CaptureForm

  Public Event OnTemplate(ByVal template)

  Private Enroller As DPFP.Processing.Enrollment

  Protected Overrides Sub Init()
    MyBase.Text = "Fingerprint Enrollment"
    Enroller = New DPFP.Processing.Enrollment()     ' Create an enrollment.
  End Sub

  Protected Overrides Sub Process(ByVal Sample As DPFP.Sample)

    ' Process the sample and create a feature set for the enrollment purpose.
    Dim features As DPFP.FeatureSet = ExtractFeatures(Sample, DPFP.Processing.DataPurpose.Enrollment)

    ' Check quality of the sample and add to enroller if it's good
    If (Not features Is Nothing) Then
        MakeReport("The fingerprint feature set was created.")
        Enroller.AddFeatures(features)        ' Add feature set to template.

        ' Check if template has been created.
        Select Case Enroller.TemplateStatus
          Case DPFP.Processing.Enrollment.Status.Ready    ' Report success and stop capturing
            RaiseEvent OnTemplate(Enroller.Template)
            SetPrompt("Click Close, and then click Fingerprint Verification.")

          Case DPFP.Processing.Enrollment.Status.Failed   ' Report failure and restart capturing
            RaiseEvent OnTemplate(Nothing)

        End Select
      End Try
    End If
  End Sub

  Protected Sub UpdateStatus()
    ' Show number of samples needed.
    SetStatus(String.Format("Fingerprint samples needed: {0}", Enroller.FeaturesNeeded))
  End Sub

End Class
Updated 18-Jul-17 2:02am
Richard MacCutchan 7-Mar-14 13:31pm
Where is the data actually captured, and what object type is it saved into?
Leetian04 7-Mar-14 15:34pm
from the biometrics, it saved as .ftp file.
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Solution 1

The enrolled fingerprint data can be found in Enroller.Template. Then use MemoryStream to to save and serialize the said fingerprint data. then pass the memorystream to your byte[] in order to upload it to your longblob column in your database.

Here's My example code in c# format:

byte[] byted;
private void featureS()
            this.Invoke(new Function(delegate ()
                MemoryStream fingerprintData = new MemoryStream();
                byted = fingerprintData.ToArray();

                //insert your mysql command here then

I hope this gives you an idea. But before you save the fingerprint template, you must first verify if it already exist in the database.
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Solution 2

Good day sir Louie Aguilar, Do you have sample for this in VB codes? thanks in advance :)

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