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How can i read pixels of bmp image format ? i have used fread function but i have got meaningless should i read it correctly?
what is the header size that i should skip it ?
and i want to know , when you open a bmp image by notepad++ ,what is the output ? why can not read an image information, by this program (notepad++) ?
Updated 9-Mar-14 1:25am
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 9-Mar-14 6:24am
You question is a bit confusing...
You may consider to improve it and may add your current code for examination (sometimes people with experience understood code better than words)...

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Solution 1

Bitmap files are not Notepad compatible, and aren't just a block of simple data either.

Bitmap files are stored as binary data, not characters and are not intended to be human readable. When you open it with any text-type editor application, if you are lucky you will get a (pretty meaningless) hexadecimal display. If you are unlucky, you will get a display full of odd shaped blobs and question marks for the most part.

You can read a bitmap file directly into your program, as a sequence of bytes - but unless you process those bytes correctly, it still isn't going to make much sense; there is more in there than just the pixels. Wikipedia[^] explains it pretty well.

There is an easier way: read the BMP file as an image and let existing code handle the file format: it will then present you with data and (normally, depending on the system) functions to access and manipulate the image data on a pixel basis if needs be.

I have no idea what language you are using, or system you are building for, so I can't help you any further - but start looking for an image class or function and start from there.
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 9-Mar-14 6:41am
No doubt, be a native English helps you lot - I was unable to understand what he really talking about :-)
OriginalGriff 9-Mar-14 7:03am
Not as much as you would hope, with some questions.... :sigh:
Kasrajj 9-Mar-14 14:36pm
iam using c++.first i opened my file by function: ifstream file1 = ifstream("C:/Users/lenovo/Desktop/A Frenchman weeps.bmp",ios::beg) and then i use,1000); (a is char array). i want the RGB of each pixel by 3 integer but i donot know how to get it.
OriginalGriff 9-Mar-14 14:48pm
First off, you need unsigned char, or byte, not char - you don't want any translation, or sign, and BMP data is fully eight bit.

Secondly, as I said, it's not that simple. If you want to go that route, then you need to start reading the wiki link I gave you as there is a lot of other data you need to extract just to locate the right pixel data!

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