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I am working on a project in c#3.5, which works for cleaning disk. Its work perfectly fine. The problem is it consuming too much resources and also take some time in starting after double-clicking its exe . Can any one please help in this that how can I reduce resource consumption and makes it fast start.

Thank You.
phil.o 10-Mar-14 6:41am
Without seeing your code, there is only a small chance for us to help you...
AdityaBohra 10-Mar-14 6:57am
Sorry phil,
Thanks for response but I can't share the code. Can you please tell me the main reasons of this problem and their solution,so I can get some help in this thing.
Richard MacCutchan 10-Mar-14 8:08am
How can anyone guess what your program is doing without seeing the code? There could be any one or more of lots of reasons it is not working well. Your best option if you cannot share the code is to sit down with your debugger and do some detailed analysis of your program.
AdityaBohra 10-Mar-14 8:22am
Thanks Richard

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