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We are facing an issue by using an application which is only online...
When the internet is bad user are not able to work so this is giving serious problem,So we want to build and application which can be online and offline. Means once the internet is down we can work offline.
And then data will be updated after the work is done...I dont know much about this, and this why I asking if u can suggest a better solution.

What Can I do to make it work online and offline?


"Off-line" in respect to "ASP.NET" is total and irreversible absurd. Listen to your own words. "Off-line" means that the client is disconnected from "line", from the network. And "ASP.NET" is something working on the server side, something the user is not connected with.

For more information, please see:[^],[^],[^],[^],[^].

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El Dev 11-Mar-14 1:49am    
Hi sergey! ok can u please suggest me what is the best way to build an application that can work online and offline if there is no internet.Is what I want to know if it is possible or not!!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Mar-14 3:24am    
Can you read? It cannot be possible or impossible. This is just absurd. Didn't I explain it already.
End of story.
El Dev 11-Mar-14 1:57am    
And by the way take alook on this link u will understand what I mean:
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Mar-14 3:25am    
Yes, of course, but look at your tag: "ASP.NET". That's all, forget it.
For achieving Offline Connectivity, you can go for HTML5 indexedDB concepts, make a copy of data from server and store it in IndexedDB and keep use of it while you are in offline...

Have a look into these links,

Getting Started with IndexedDB[^][^]
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