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Which is the best way for store value in a variable which must be distinct for all user who are using the web application in

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The 'Global.asax' file is designed for handling global application variables for the whole website. Read more: Application wide variables or globals in[^]
Sandip Paul 491984 11-Mar-14 7:24am
ImageButton btndetails = sender as ImageButton;
GridViewRow gvrow = (GridViewRow)btndetails.NamingContainer;
Session["clientid"] = Convert.ToInt32(ClientDet.DataKeys[gvrow.RowIndex].Value);

is the session["clientid"] value is equal for all user who click the gridview or it id different for all user.I am little bit confuse please help me.
Peter Leow 11-Mar-14 7:43am
No, each user will get his own unique copy of the session["clientid"] the value of which is determined solely by the ClientDet.DataKeys[gvrow.RowIndex].Value at that point of time in that user's session.
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