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I have populated a combobox in a datagridview. This works perfect. My issue is, how do i assign a certain value to the combobox in a datagridview? I want the user to be able to load the form and have a certain value already displayed with the option to choose items that have been added to the combobox.
For Each row In Me.DataGridView1.Rows
           row.Height = 40
           row.DefaultCellStyle.WrapMode = DataGridViewTriState.True
           Dim dgvcombo As DataGridViewComboBoxCell
           dgvcombo = row.Cells(2)
           row.Cells(0).Value = tasknum
           row.Cells(1).Value = GetScalarData("SELECT duedate FROM task WHERE capaID = '" & CAPAid & "' AND task = '" & tasknum & "'")
           For i = 0 To x.Count - 1

           tasknum = tasknum + 1
       Next row

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Have a look here: DataGridViewComboBoxColumn Class[^]
On the bottom of related page, you'll find an example how to bind data to DataGridViewComboBoxColumn.
dgvcombo.Value = dgvcombo.Items(0)

will select the first of your items

A DataGridViewComboBoxCell uses .Value
not .Text like a normal ComboBox

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