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i have a text box which accepts numeric and decimal values. The max length of text box is 4.

So how can i check whether a text box contains a decimal point followed by a single digit at end of text box.

like ex:

if i have a value as 12.5 in the text box,then how can i check that a text box is containing a value ".5" at the end of textbox in C#

please provide me a solution.

string a = "12.5";

            bool HasDecimal = a.Contains('.');

            if (HasDecimal == true)
               int i = a.IndexOf('.');
               int j = a.Length;
               int k = j - i;
               a = a.Substring(i, k);
// now a contains only decimal value

        else {
//no decimal
Member 10593922 14-Mar-14 2:41am
thank u for the reply. i will try to implement this... but what about the digit after decimal point how can i check that?
AndrewCharlz 14-Mar-14 3:13am
the out put will be ".5"
Try this

private static readonly Regex OneDecimalCheck = new Regex(@"\.\d$");
// ....
if (OneDecimalCheck.IsMatch(TheTextBox.Text))
  // TheTextBox content Text ends with . followed by a digit.

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