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Hi all,

I have a string as example "L2 022" (ignore the double quote). How to split a string of space? So if I split into and array of arrStr(1), the value will be:

arrStr(0) = L2
arrStr(1) = 022

I don't put a delimiter on database. How can I do this?

I suggest you start here:

Microsoft MSDN - Sting.Split[^]

This should give you all the information you need to split a string.
Marcin Kozub 17-Mar-14 5:41am
+5 for link
Dim str As String = "L2 022"
Dim arrStr() As String = str.Split(" ")
Luiey Ichigo 18-Mar-14 4:08am
I also do this and it works :)

arrStr = str.Split()
OriginalGriff 18-Mar-14 5:45am
It is a better idea to specify the split characters: it makes it a lot clearer if next time you want to split "L2-022" instead - which won't split using the default method. It's hardly any extra typing, and it means it's clearer when you read it later.
Dim str as String = "L2 022"
Dim arrStr() As String = str.Split(New [Char]() {" "c})

See String.Split Method (Char())[^].

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