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Hello everyone,

I have the following situation: I am currently working on 2 projects. The first one uses EF6, the second one EF4. When i open the SLN file, VS prompts me to downgrade the reference, and i need to either update or downgrade the references. Every time this mean connecting to the NUGET servers and waiting for it to download. Is there a way to store or detach each reference for each projects? Or am i getting this whole issue wrong? Thank you for your answers.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 17-Mar-14 16:02pm    
It sounds so wrong... Not trying to answer the whole question: what prevents you from having two different solutions? Are the two projects depend on each other? If they are, using different Nuget versions would be a very bad option. Why not upgrading both projects to the latest version permanently?
NvsYazilim 31-Mar-14 7:30am    
Hi Sergey, was out for a couple of days sorry. The issue is not with the same projects, but different projects. For example a ERP project, and a News Website. Hence, the projects are not dependent to each other. Regarding the upgrade, for large project this allways seems to create problems (for example EF dbcontext), hence upgrading is not an option either (altough preferrable as you say). Maybe i should elaborate, are there a way to save nugets locally, and load them from there in a user friendly way?

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