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I have a textbox and i want to prevent the user from entering characters which may cause harm to my database when i submit my form containing this textbox..
Can you help me plzz..
Thank u.. ..
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 19-Mar-14 4:04am    
Are you storing the data directly from JavaScript? Or there is a server side component for that?

That's the wrong idea. Any hacker who is beyond the knowledge of a script kiddie beginner will know how to submit the values using a script. And there he can enter anything he wants to do so. You have to secure your server, e.g. Parameterized Queries for the databse communication.
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Member 10626057 19-Mar-14 14:11pm    
sql injection?
You can use Regular expression for that.Hence you have mentioned Javascript,please check below mentioned links for more info.

JavaScript RegExp Object

Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions with JavaScript
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Use Regular Expression validation or use ajava Script validation

js val::
function fncheck()
        var pgng = document.getElementById("<%=txtPagingGoto.ClientID%>").value.trim();
        if(pgnd == "")
            alert('The textbox should not be empty...');
            return false;

call this fncheck in onclient click of button
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