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select er.ElectionResponceValue from Election e inner join [Statement] s
on s.StatementID=e.StatementID inner join Division d
on d.DivisionID=s.DivisionID inner join ElectionResponce er
on er.ElectionResponceID=e.ElectionResponceID
where d.DivisionID=

division id are 3,5,2
Maciej Los 19-Mar-14 18:42pm    
What have you tried till now? Where are you stuck?
Member 10683298 19-Mar-14 23:48pm    
i have 4 tables. link to gathere with ER diagrams. from 4 tables i wantcommon election response value. i want to join four tables using with lambda expression.
var statements = db.Statements.Where(s => s.DivisionID == division.DivisionID);

var Ec = statements.Count(s => s.);

1 solution

First of all, please read my comment to the question.

Secondly, please, follow below links and try!
LINQ (Language-Integrated Query)[^]
Basic LINQ Query Operations (C#)[^]
How to: Write LINQ Queries in C#[^]
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