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Dear software developers,

A WinForm application using WebBrowser control that is hosting html5 webapp.
It use two HTML5 features:
1. Application Cache
2. Local Storage

Application Cache works perfect. The Local Storage does not work. (typeof(Storage) == "undefined")

When requesting in the WebBrowser control it shows:
"You are using Internet Explorer 11.... " and full support for both Application Cache and Local Storage.

What need I do in order to enable the WebBrowser control to handle Local Storage?

All hints that guid me in the right direction are more than welcome.

Thanks in advanced

Stephan Cassel
Updated 19-Mar-14 11:33am

I don't think it's what you want to hear, but Does web browser controls support local storage,application cache,... may supply some insight.

Hope that helps.

StephanCassel 20-Mar-14 3:29am
Thanks for reply.
According to the article the WebBrowser control is depending on current IE installation. In my case I do have IE 11 and it support my needs.
I tried the local storage via IE and it work ok. The problem is when I open the url from the WebBrowser controler: Local storage fails but application cashe works perfect.
gggustafson 20-Mar-14 3:52am
The WebBrowser control is, I believe (and as the link I provided indicates), based upon IE9, not IE11. At some future release of .Net we may expect to find an IE11-based WebBrowser control. The fact that your installed IE11 works and the WebBrowser control does not implies that the two are different.
Thanks for all reply.

Local Storage works very well via WebBrowser Control. It was an Ajax bug that caused the error. xmlHttp.send(null) executed offline made the application (WebBrowser control) to crash completely.

Thanks again for your tips
bhavikshah10 8-Jul-15 11:43am
Hi Stephan, My website doesn't have any AJAX calls. It's just aspx and static html but still it doesn't work. I think it has something to do with the permissions. Let me know if you have found out any other alternative.

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