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I have a an Issue in Crystal Report Section, and that is that I want to display records in multiple columns in Detail Section , it works fine but the issue is that I have two columns in my detail Section,

I inserted a sub detail that is I have Detail a and Detail b

The column in Detail a, I want to be printed once bcoz its common.

If I use header section for this purpose then I have another issue and that is, that there is not Multiple Columns Format in Header Section.

I hope you have got my problem.

Below is example:

This is Data:
RollNo    Date      Status
  1        5         P
  1        6         A
  1        7         P

  2        5         P
  2        6         P
  2        7         A

This is the Layout in Print I wanted
RollNo         5              6             7
  1            P              A             P
  2            P              P             A

if I apply Mutiple Columns Format in Detail Section it gives me the follow Layout.

RollNo         5              6             7
  1            P              A             P
               5              6             7
  2            P              P             A

Please help me.


you can achieve it using cross tab

while create cross tab...
row :     roll no
col :     day
summary : status

Happy Coding!
Aarti Meswania 20-Mar-14 4:22am
to hide Total of Summarized Field just suppress it
right click cross tab report click "Cross-Tab Expert"
third tab, Customize Style, there are check boxes where you can suppress subtotals and grand totals.
Ok thanks a Lot I achieved the result but one this is that it show me Total of Summarized Field and I dont need that, how to change it.
Aarti Meswania 20-Mar-14 4:19am
you should paste comment using "Have a Question or Comment?" button given under particular solution

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