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I am working on a website for a friend made with the customized management system, the hosting service that I'm using is an Australian server Whene I upload the website it does give this

" The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred."

But when I put the website into another server not the one before it work fine no bug no issue,I contacted the hosting support of so I can see what they have to say about it, is it a server side problem or it's a problem in my code ,after long conversation with the support service they sent me this:
''This issue has been escalate with our level 2. There are no errors from our end.

The issue is with the connection of the database to your site. Kindly check the credentials you are using to connect to the DB."

If it's a problem in my code why it's working just fine on another server I've checked connection parameter to the database they seem fine. here are my parameters

class S_config{
public static $root     = "kulchi/";
var $host                     = "localhost";
var $database                 = "kulchi";
var $username                 = "root";
var $password                 = "";
public static $reecriture     = true;
public static $display_errors = 0;
public static $prefix         = "kul_";



Note : I'm using PHP5 web hosting : IIS Website i don't know if this matter or maybe this is where the problem is coming from becaus it's IIS server do I have to change the hosting company ??

1 solution

You need to check the full error message on the server. Please ask your provider to check it for you. 500 internal server error means a lot.
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flip-man 21-Mar-14 6:15am    
Thanks for your answer they did send me a bunch of error on my code but, i looked and they seems correct

here what they sent

<blockquote class="FQ"><div class="FQA">Quote:</div>PHP Notice: Undefined variable: uri in D:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_00102609\wwwroot\kulchi_new\liberary\factory.php on line 320 PHP Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Unknown MySQL server host 'mysql' (11004) in D:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_00102609\wwwroot\kulchi_new\liberary\db.php on line 19

You need to check mysql DB host setting in wwwroot\kulchi_new\liberary\db.php on line 19 and wwwroot\kulchi_new\liberary\factory.php on line 320.</blockquote>

And here what in the factory.php file ==>[^]

==> this is th DB file[^]

What i dont understand why it's working on this server[^]

and not in this one as you can see[^]

thanks for your help

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